Spreed PRO is a browser extension designed to help you read at least two to three times faster while also maximizing your reading productivity. Fully control and customize your speed reading experience for increased focus, comprehension, and comfort as you read faster, save time, and learn more.

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Why Spreed PRO

In 2013 I had too much to read as an overworked college student. So I built Spreed to help me instantly double my reading speed and breeze through reading I had to do on my computer: online textbooks, news articles, any text that I could copy-paste into Spreed (including from PDFs).

Spreed is now the top-rated speed reading browser extension of its kind and used by readers all over the world. I knew that Spreed could be better though.

So I built Spreed PRO for readers who want to optimize their productivity and read fast while maintaining comprehension.

Maximize focus and comprehension with premium typography and color schemes

Spreed PRO features eight premium fonts, including a font to help people with dyslexia, and several fonts used by companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google, because they were designed for optimal readibility. Spreed PRO even includes a font specifically designed to help those with dyslexia read more effectively.

Spreed PRO also features 12 color schemes designed from principles of how humans perceive color to help you maximize readability and comprehension with minimal eye strain. You can also customize the text, background, and highlight colors.

Spreed PRO color schemes and fonts
Use Spreed PRO in Kindle Cloud Reader

Unlock the ability to speed read Kindle books and PDFs

Speed through PDFs or your books on Kindle Cloud Reader with Spreed PRO. Spreed PRO's native reading capabilities make speed reading Kindle Cloud Reader books and PDFs a seamless experience. More reading formats to be supported soon natively (e.g. Google Docs, ePUBs).

Personalize your reading experience for focus and comfort.

Configure every aspect of your reading experience in Spreed PRO. Tell it how long to pause on longer words or punctuation. Set your own colors for text and background. Use your own hotkeys. Make reading with Spreed PRO a comfortable and seamless process so that you can focus on reading and learning faster.

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Speed reading productivity tips ebook

BONUS: Learn the secrets of how Spreed PRO helps you read and learn faster

Included in your download of Spreed PRO is a free, bonus e-book describing the secrets to using Spreed PRO to read faster while also learning more. Topics include:

  •  Learn the principles behind why certain color schemes and fonts are more readable than others
  •  How to use Spreed PRO to speed read PDFs and ePubs
  •  Proven reading and learning techniques you can apply while using Spreed PRO to further increase your reading comprehension and retention

"Mother of god, I am so happy. I feel Spreed PRO is the best money I have spent in a while. Thank you so much."

Arnab M

"I first came across Spreed in 2015/2016, as I was coming back into academia. I needed something that could help me catch up, read the thousands of pages of required background material. I now use Spreed PRO to help digest large amounts of information, news articles, and media. It's an invaluable tool. Thank you for building it!"

David B

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Invest in your reading productivity. How much time could you save over your life if you could read and learn two or three times faster?

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  • 8 Premium Fonts
  • 12 Color Schemes Designed for Productivity
  • Fully Customizable Colors, Hotkeys, and Settings
  • Use Spreed to speed read books on Kindle Cloud Reader, with native PDF and ePUB speed reading coming soon
  • Prioritized Support
  • 1 BONUS eBook of Speed Reading Productivity Tips
  • Help support an indie developer and continued improvement of Spreed

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